Struck By a Volcano

April 21st, 2010

Sorry everyone i have been in the states for a few days and i guess i came at the wrong time…but now the flights are going again and i should be back to work by next Tuesday and i will make up the updates by next Wednesday.


So she actually hated me.

April 4th, 2010

Angelika BIt turns out that Angelika B that shot for me for sybianworld was really pissed at me after she left. She had came with her boyfriend that she was so much in love with to work for me solo. This was her first time working and i told my friend to please send the dude away since i want her to just be normal. Ok as you have seen the video her sybian was nothing special and all i did was use the pocket rocket and the dildo after. The whole time i was asking are things cool and blah blah. After the shoot she said she would work for me again and i booked her for the following week. 3 days later i get a call that this girl was PISSED! I sent her BF away because all i wanted to do was fuck her and blah blah. Needless to say i was shocked and a little pissed because no way do i do shit like that and she said all was cool. So now 1 month later or should i say thursday I get a call from my friend that informs me that Angelika and her BF are now finished and she wants to work. So i said i doubt she wants to work for me but tell her BLANK if she will do a BUTTLOUNGE…SHE FUCKING DID IT. I have to say we made up and this girl is so fucking good in sex and whatever problem we had before is gone (we really made up) she is s anal dream and she had me do a incredible cream pie. Now she says this time she really does want to work for me again. I will be traveling the next month or else i would have shot her again the nextday so if she is back together with her BF  in the next couple of weeksher career will come to a quick end:(


Somone Please Enlighten Me?

March 30th, 2010

Over the few months i have just been looking around at the internet landscape, i have found some cool things, then some total ripoffs but all in all very interesting.  I happened to stumble across a site that basically had over 1000 links to various stolen shows from my sites, there are many places that have my pirated stuff but this one made see just plain pissed. I mean they had stuff i had just put up a few days ago. I was able to find this because i am beta testing a new piece of software for video  that does video fingerprinting..which i have to say is pretty cool. Anyway i started a conversation with the guy that basically ripped me off. The first incredible words out of his mouth was that he was doing me a service by exposing my work to thousands of non paying people? Hence some day since they see everything for free they will join in the future? PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME! Then he says well porn should be free! Who came up with that nonsense of a mantra. Washing your car from rain water is free, laying in the sun to tan is free. If you want your car washed by someone u have to pay for it, if you lay in a tanning bed you pay for.

Most people don’t do this kind of shit but really is the world that hard up for a few minutes of fake fame, and a facebook account with 500 fake friends that you don’t even know there real names.

I am just wondering what the thrill is  ripping off someones work when your to pussy to do it to their face.



It’s a process

January 20th, 2010

Many people have written asking about certain girls, I am actually going thru every tape and capturing it to drives to keep as arhcives so it will be easy to find in the future…I am going thru about 700 plus tapes. This is not realtime as i shoot now with the Sony EX. I have to put each tape in the camera and log the in and out points and then the tape has to play the length of the tape of course…so if the tape is 15minutes then 15minutes to capture if it is 1 hour then 1 hour to capture. This is a long process but i will go thru each tape after finding scenes that i had completely forgot about it’s kinda going down memory lane. I will accomplish this but i am telling you this will take at least a couple of months to bring all the old shows up to code but its worth it. Some of the older ones that i have now made into h264 is like having eye surgery and you can see clearly now. I will get to everyone promise.


Its official..Shione puts me thru a marathon

January 16th, 2010

So i have been saying that i was going to start shooting for Buttlounge again, i don’t want girls that just do anal  scenes i am looking for girls that want to try, i don’t need anal pros nor want. Ms. Cooper was gracious enough to want to try and man did this woman and i really get to know each other. Well over 3 hours of just stuff, camera on camera off, fast slow, rough and sweet it was just all over the place. She learned that she is not so much into anal unless she can have something in her pussy at the same time which takes her over the top. So Buttlounge is back!




Just finding stuff

January 13th, 2010

So have made a commitment to go thru all my tapes, to say the least is i have ALOT! But man have i found things that i just have never used, from bjs to hand jobs , fucking and everything. years ago i guess i just did not put up everything since i thought i would make more sites or just release it on DVD so i will be adding things in the next few weeks and actually hope to add things each week. Also as i recompress the old shows the names will be highlighted in blue so you know which ones have been re done.

The wait is over

January 10th, 2010

Sorry for the long wait but tomorrow I will have the Ashley Robbins lost scene and another scene that I found with this beautiful girl named Nicole, she turned out to be a 1 hit wonder. Now i remember why i forgot about the Ashley scene, I shot her the day after i got back to europe and i had such bad jet lag i just slept for almost 3 days, she was the first girl i shot when i got back and after her i just slept like i said and then just forgot about it. As i watched the footage now i wish i just had kept bringing her back. Oh well.


1:30 AM 2010!!!!!!!

January 1st, 2010

Happy new years to all and while out celebrating I ran in Shinone and she was in a rather festive mood. We had not seen each other for months and after a little catching up she asked what i wanted for New Years. I told her a bj but i was just joking but when she answered yes, she was not joking! Figuring that she would change her mind we came back to my place right away just in case and man this girls goal is just to deep throat a guy. WOW was she great!!! I had to put this up right away on PD.



2010 already a good year?

December 29th, 2009

So, my goodfriend calls me last week and asks if i would shoot a girl the day before xmas because she is looking for extra shopping money. She sends me a pic and i thought Santa is nice this year to me, so i agreed and the girl agrees and of course the next day the girl never shows up! Sunday she asks me again if i would be willing to give it another try, so being the sucker i am i say of course. I guess all good things comes to suckers that wait because Tiffany was worth the wait! She speaks very little english and was absolutely nervous as hell during photos but after that she was calm and cool. She was just doing a solo but i talked her into a little more and this girl in my opinion is a true HJ queen because she really enjoys making you squeal.



Free at Last, Free at Last, thank god o mighty Free at Last

December 19th, 2009

So its been a awhile since i have written, let me tell you about a dream i had that started over 5 years. In this dream I had started a business years earlier. There was a person in my dream that i used to be good friends with so much so that I would say that i even saved his or her life one night from drowning in there vomit. But he or she was so drunk and coked out that they completely don’t remember! But as the dream progresses i see myself living more and more outside the US. Now the dream turns into a nightmare as he or she might see a opportunity to do something really FUCKED UP. Someone comes to me in my dream and says hey the work that you have done for many years is not really yours and since you don’t really live in the US much they were able to lie to the court and get a default judgement against you and then the nightmare gets worse because all this happened without your knowledge and the next thing i know i am drowning in my dream.  Then is see a ray of sunlight from a big gun attorney, but a big gun attorney needs to eat ALOT. But hey what can you do because you need someone to pull you threw a 5 year nightmare..and you know if you die in your dream your dead in life so you need to find more than a big gun but you need a BAD ASS MOFU to shake you until you wake up…and when i finally wake from that terrible nightmare that lasted 5 years the only thing i remember from the dream is……. THE CASE IS ORDERED DISMISSED!